Tattoos and Friends

Karma’s is the name of the boulevard business where Connie, Kristi, and I decided to get our henna tattoos on Saturday. Right across the road from the Atlantic, we had a clear, unobstructed view of ocean, earth, and sky as we had our tats applied. There’s just no place on earth like a beach business. People stroll in and out wearing all sorts of garb from bathing suits to what I fondly refer to as touristy attire, clothing that they wouldn’t dare wear “back home.” As they sauntered into Karma’s, many beach visitors stopped to watch the artist at work, and one elderly African American lady decided on the spot that she needed to have a henna tattoo like ours. When we left the shop to amble down the boulevard, she had chosen her design and was patiently waiting for its application.


About the time we left Karma’s, Elizabeth joined us, and after browsing through another store, we all decided it was lunchtime. Where to dine? One stipulation was that the restaurant be unlike any we had at home. Don’t get me wrong; we like Chili’s and the Texas Road House, but we can eat Quesadilla Explosions and Chicken Critters at home. We decided on Abuelo’s, the best Mexican restaurant in Myrtle Beach, and fifteen minutes later, the four of us were seated there with Lisa, Sarah Beth, and Doris. What a motley group we were. From a young college student to her grandmother and every stage in-between, we sat around the large table and feasted on the chips and salsa and became better acquainted.


The blue sky and white cloud ceiling, Latino music, palm trees, colorful murals, and professionally attired employees, all combined to create the perfect ambience for our fun day. And did I mention how yummy the food was? I hope Connie blogs about the papas. Muy delicioso. As we sat together enjoying the food and conversation, I couldn’t help but remember a quote I’d seen on a cross stitch sampler years ago: “We may never pass this way together again.” For that moment in time, the seven of us came together and shared an hour of food, fun, and fellowship.


Hunger sated, we went shopping at Homegoods. Nothing like a few moments of retail therapy to top off the day. All good things come to an end (is that a trite expression or what?), and the other four gals went their separate ways while Kristi, Connie, and I made one more trip to the boulevard. I just had to get a fake giraffe bag like everyone and her sister have, and after much deliberation, I opted for one with a green strap. One more stop, and Kristi and I were headed back to the midlands: Sonic for cherry limeades. Tangy, cold, and loaded with sugar, they were SO GOOD!


Ah, life’s little pleasures: A little sun on your skin, an ocean in your view, friends to share a meal and conviviality, a novel experience (henna tattoos), different sights (like the parking lot attendant’s colorful hair), and a day out of Dodge. Some famous person once said, “Life’s too short to be little.” We made ours a little bigger Saturday. What about you?


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

3 thoughts on “Tattoos and Friends”

  1. My henna tattoo is very light today however I keep looking at it and remembering the day’s events! I need to go back for some quiet time…I did get up and watch the sun come up and have some beautiful pictures I will blog about soon!

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