Seaforms and Carolina Wrens

I think it was Sarah Ban Breathnach who said that some days are filled with simple pleasures and that others are redeemed by them. This post is about the former situation. Saturday was a day chocked full of simple pleasures, the kind that make your heart sing and rejoice in the beauties of the earth, in people’s various gifts and creations, and in the importance of friendship..and really of all connections, both human and nonhuman.

Connie and I headed out in the late morning to see the Seaforms exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art. In a word, awesome. I truly do not have a vocabulary sufficient to describe these magnificent, colorful assorted glass shells, jellyfish, and other treasures of the sea. How, we wondered, could a mortal man create such spectacular beauty in a studio? We walked around like “country come to town” admiring each and every piece, exclaiming anew every few moments, “Look! Can you believe this? Isn’t it gorgeous? Check out the color, will you?” Incidentally, admission is free on Saturday. Before I forget, we visited the museum gift shop and purchased glass Hershey’s kisses to commemorate the viewing the glass seaforms.

Outside in the brilliant sunshine again, we sauntered down Main Street for a block or two and partook of the lively energy of a Latino festival. The food smelled SO GOOD, and we were sorely tempted to stop and enjoy a taco or two. Since we’d already planned to eat at DiPrato’s at the edge of the university campus, however, we resisted the allure of the delicious aroma and headed for the car. Along the way, Connie spied a tiny bird on its back, apparently fighting for its precious life. She gently turned it over, and the little creature struggled to move. “Maybe he’s resting,” she said. We had the same scary thought that some big-footed human might come along and squash the pretty little green backed hummingbird and were trying to figure out how to move him without harm when rescue arrived. An African American man who had been enjoying the festival came upon us, appraised the situation, and tenderly moved our feathered friend off to the side beneath some shrubbery. “At least now he’ll die in peace,” he said. 

We jumped in the Highlander again and headed for lunch, swerving around the curves and hills near and through the university. Once inside, we feasted on salad, sandwiches, and the best pita chips and pimento cheese in the world…yes, they’re that good. The food was excellent, and our fellow diners and our “girl talk” added to the ambience of the experience. 

Lunch over, we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for a few specific items including just the right gift for Connie’s friend Paula, the book club book that I have yet to read, and some cupcake dessert plates at TJ Maxx (love that store!). We also strolled through Pier 1, and both of us thought of our iFriend Hayden and the little goodies we had fun selecting for her last week.  Where else but in the good old US of A can one freely explore such a bounteous display of merchandise? I wouldn’t call us materialistic; I would say, however, that we enjoy looking and touching things of beauty.

Our excursion over, I dropped Connie off at her home and reflected on our day. Ain’t life grand??? There are so many good things out there to see and experience, but so often we’re too busy, busy, busy with the details of our lives that we don’t stop long enough to see them, much less savor them.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve driven through Columbia, SC, but until Saturday I had never, no never, noticed the little Carolina wrens hopping around the sidewalks.


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

4 thoughts on “Seaforms and Carolina Wrens”

  1. I know that some of the Pier 1 stores have closed, I hope “ours” stays open! Thanks for reminding me of all the joys of Saturday! I’ve thought a little about writing something…just haven’t taken the time…still have internet issues at home and work has been crazy busy!

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