Gratitude Journal

Has it been ten years since I began keeping a gratitude journal? Yes, I think it has. My friend June and I gave one to each other for Christmas one year and vowed that we would follow the instruction to record five things per day that we were especially grateful for.

I’ve been faithful about recording my blessings and have discovered that doing so not only makes me more conscious and aware of the good things going on in my life, but it also functions as a memory jogger in later months or years. It’s incredible how I can read about something that I’d completely forgotten about and have it miraculously appear in my mind, hence enabling me to “live” the experience twice.

Before seven o’clock this morning, here are some things that I jotted down:
*Waking up and being able to get up and prepare for work. When I lived near the coast, I enjoyed listening to one of my fellow church member’s prayers that always began, “Dear God, thank You for waking us up in our right minds and sending us on our way.” There’s so much truth to that! Many people didn’t wake up this morning, some woke up in emotional “states,” and still others weren’t able to get up and on their way. Also, some might be ready, willing, and able, and yet they have nowhere to go and no one to see.
*A job that I thoroughly enjoy and that actually compensates me for some of my favorite activities: reading, writing, listening, and talking.
*The profusion of sunflowers outside the breezeway door.
*Last night’s lunar eclipse…the realization that the universe is so HUGE that I can’t begin to comprehend it.
*A sighting of red leaves in Scott Park. Relief from the sweltering heat is just around the corner.

There are many other things I’m grateful for, but I’m stopping at five today. Otherwise, I would list music, color, my children, cinnamon rolls, neat words, wonderful friends, memories….I’ll save those things for another day. Besides, I don’t want to steal anyone else’s thunder. Would anyone out there in blogland like to share something you’re particularly grateful for today?


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

5 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal”

  1. The plunge into a cool swimming pool after racing around all day!
    I love the way the water feels and the way the light plays on the water. I just love water! To drink, to bathe, to play, to wash…

  2. Maybe I should join your water aerobics class. Just kidding. I agree that water is phenomenal. I’m still working on Life of Pi, and I haven’t come to the place in the book yet in which he describes water, but I recall from my first time reading it that it is absolutely wonderful. Seriously. It’s worth the price of the book just to read those sections.

  3. A day to myself with no kids or husband to do whatever I like!
    Words that are strung together into wonderfulr books!
    Baby giggles!

    I started my own blog by the way! It’s no where as well written as yours, but I suppose its a start!

    Love, Michelle

  4. Michelle, we’re singing the same song! As much as we love our families, we need some sacred solitude to do what we want whenever we want to…or to do NOTHING at all. That way, when the world (dear ones in our lives, work, chores, etc.) comes rushing back in, we’re better able to deal with it.

    I like your other favorite things too, especially adjectives like stellar.

    Yay! I’m so glad you started a blog. Where is it? Is your post linked to it? I think you’ll love doing it. There are so many women just like you (like my daughter Carrie) who often blog about their joys, frustrations, worries, etc. of being mothers and wives. Some write about being women period.

    I’m off to search in cyberspace for your blog.

  5. I am here on wordpress! I think you can go to blog surfer and type in knmbass and search and it will pull up, but Im not entirely sure!

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