Sunflower Update

Otis just counted. We now have twenty of these beautiful flowers, and they’re so stunning that neighbors have noticed and are remarking on them. My mother-in-law who can grow anything, anywhere has even asked for seeds. Looks like my  gardening skills are slowing improving.

Alas, all is not well in the garden tonight, however. After a heavy rain over the weekend, the biggest and oldest sunflower became so bowed over that we had to look up underneath to see its pretty face. No cause for alarm, we thought. With daylight and sun galore, it would again raise its head towards the street for all passersby to see and admire. No such luck. Three days later, and the flower still has the droops.

This has stimulated some interesting conversations between hubby and me. Does a big head cause one’s downfall? Do some flowers (just like some people) lose their zest for life when storms befall them? To make matters more complicated, some of the outside ray flowers have begun to fall off. Does this mean that the flower has outlived its usefulness? The seeds will soon drop;  is the purpose of the “mama plant” to blossom for awhile and then make way for the up and coming generation?

Sadly, the saga gets worse. Earlier this evening, I touched the once majestic sunflower to peer most closely at it and noticed that it was swarming with tiny black ants. They were everywhere! What plant has a chance once these pesky insects attack? Again, there are parallels between humans and sunflowers for we too are beset with pesky little details of our every day lives.

Am I the only person in cyberspace who sees parallels between garden happenings and people?



Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

4 thoughts on “Sunflower Update”

  1. Sunflower Obsession? Just kidding. Unfortunately, as all things live they all perish eventually. Well, I just made myself sad! I think all “growing” things have a story to tell and where better than in a garden. When I was teaching 3 – 5 year olds at Montessori, I often
    had gardening lessons, outings to farms and planting our own seeds. There is a lot to learn about faith when you plant a seed and nurture it. Some thrive, some don’t. Did I just make myself sad again? Love the comparisons.

  2. We planted sunflowers a few years ago, but when the plants started to grow up the rabbits thought they were delicious!
    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you a comparison I heard a few years ago in church. A sister was teaching about sunflowers and how they turn their heads throughout the day to follow the sun and then she encouraged us to all become Son followers in emulating the Savior. That lesson has really stuck with me.

  3. Connie and Carol, I love you gals! Where would I be without my friends???

    Comment to Connie: Your post makes me think of something I read not long ago in which the author was talking about the cycle of life. Dead leaves form mulch, mulch nourishes new life, and next spring we’ll see flowers that bloom because of help from dead, dried up leaves. I’ve botched his words, but you get the thought, right?

    It’s the same with sunflowers. Their beauty is fading, but I’m going to give you and Carol and my mother-in-law some seeds, and next summer, these gorgeous garden show stoppers will be blooming all over the county.

  4. Carol, I’m so glad you found the blog and took the time to read and write. Something is eating the leaves of our sunflowers, but we can’t figure out what it is. We think it must be some sort of insect because the squirrels don’t hang around out front, and we haven’t seen any rabbits.

    I’ve noticed that the heads have been facing east as if they’re awaiting the arrival of the sun each morning. However, lately several have turned their pretty faces towards the south. It’s weird. Anyway, their “behavior” has made me even more about the importance of the sun in nature.

    Thanks for the reminder to follow the Son. Sonfollower, sunflower…neat to see the words side by side.

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