May the Best Man Win

It could very well be that my opinion doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in the Florida Primary today, and yet I feel that I have to make one little itty-bitty comment concerning one of McCain’s remarks about Romney. Although I didn’t hear it all and perhaps I could be taking it out of context, the gist of what I heard is that America needs a leader, not a manager. While the worthy senator and war hero conceded that Romney was a terrific manager, he expressed some serious doubts about his leadership ability.

What I think is that anyone who looks at Romney and his family can surely see the evidence of strong leadership. Isn’t he the only Republican candidate who’s been married only once? Aren’t his fine young sons proof that Mitt and Elizabeth Romney have provided guidance and powerful examples of integrity, hard work, and service? I didn’t hear all of  the interview with three of his sons, but I heard enough to know that these young men love and respect their parents. One admitted that often he’d get discouraged with a task and want to quit; his father, on the other hand, would always keep on keeping on. I like that tenacity. I also like that Mitt Romney leads by example.

A final comment about family leadership, and then I’ll stop this diatribe (so much for an itty bitty comment) and get back to work. The night that Romney gave his talk on faith, one of his little grandchildren who was on the stage afterwards reached for his hand in a natural, trusting sort of way, and this man who has proven himself as a leader and manager over and over again did what came naturally to him. He took the child’s hand. It wasn’t a contrived, deliberate attempt to demonstrate what a great grandfather and family leader he is. That simple gesture spoke volumes.

Time to stop the mud slinging, Gents. Cease and desist. Let us all see your leadership qualities, and may the best man win.