Palin vs. Obama??

I made the mistake of listening to NPR on the way back to work from a late lunch. I say “mistake” because of the strident voices of other women bashing Sarah Palin. She’s against abortion, one wailed. If she had been for it, others would have railed against her just as harshly. “She’s the mother of five children, and I don’t have children,” another screeched while lamenting that she couldn’t connect with Palin. If she were childless, then still other women would likely accuse the governor of being out of touch with the “real” issues faced by America’s families. 

I don’t have time to debate all the spiteful things I heard. I just have one question to ask: Is it Palin vs. Obama? I’m asking because unless I missed something, it’s still McCain vs. Obama, and I haven’t heard anyone asking these questions of Biden.