No Swimming!

Isn’t this a great picture? I spotted this sign during one of my morning beach walks and knew I had to snap a photo of it. I’d been thinking about something I read a long time ago, and this sign was perfect!

The article was about choices, especially the little ones we make each day. Often we think of how the BIG choices concerning careers, marriage, dating, and education affect us, and we fail to see how the little ones can sometimes make or break us. One little wrong turn in the road, and bam, things are different for the rest of our lives.

Suppose you’re strolling along a beach and see the above sign. Do you get perturbed and think that your freedom to frolic in the ocean is being curtailed without just cause? Do you get so annoyed that you march right out into the waves anyway? Do you not understand that some restrictions are really for your own good? If you disobey the “rules,” you might get lucky and suffer no consequence. But then again, you could get caught up in an undertow and drown. You could be stung by a stingray, or you could impede the launch of a sailboat.

There are tons of things you can do at the beach without having to deliberately disobey regulations that are put there for your own good. You could collect shells, read a book, build a sandcastle, or take a nap (after getting coated with sun screen, that is).  You could go for a walk or simply people-watch. That’s always fun. There are plenty of things you can do that aren’t dangerous.

It’s the same in real life.  I’m reminded of a young woman who once said, half jokingly, that every time she came to church,she learned something else she wasn’t supposed to do! And you know, there’s some truth to that. At the same time, the “restrictions” would ultimately add more peace of mind and opportunties to her life. We’re told not to lie, cheat, steal, or do drugs. We’re warned about credit card debt, overeating, and unprotected sex. Do we ignore the warnings and do what we want to do, or do we walk on the safe side? 

As for me, I’m heeding the warnings and obeying the signs. I’m opting for the sunscreen and the low fat dessert.


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

2 thoughts on “No Swimming!”

  1. i hate to get picky, but how could a flesh and blood person impede the launch of a sailbaot.>>i know, i am just being onery>>>i am sre you are right but i couldn’t help think of tiny me doing things to stop a 70 foot sailboat

    Yes, you're being a bit picky now. Hmmm. Maybe I should find another picture????

  2. p,s, ok come on now>>>>what is the fun of no fat desert>>>i like my hot deserts loaded with fat>>>love you david h barlow{i bet you don’t know who that is?????}

    Are you really asking me this, Putz? I agree that the yummy factor is higher with the fatty, sugary stuff, but think of how awful you'll feel with diabetes or heart disease!

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