The Best


My daughter Carrie is expecting a baby any day now; in fact, from what she’s told me, Colton might arrive this weekend. That’d be nice. We’re all getting anxious to see his little face. Will this be a dark haired baby like Carrie’s family or another fair haired, blue eyed one like Rich’s? Doesn’t matter. We just want the little fellow to arrive safe and sound, healthy and strong. And we want his sweet mama to have a smooth, uneventful delivery.

Speaking of Carrie, she and Rick met at a restaurant for lunch the other day, an event so infrequent that it was triply special. A sweet friend of hers who offered to babysit for the girls made the rendezvous possible. Thanks Lorinda. Anyway, as my daughter was telling me about their lunch, I was reminded of just “what a guy” Rich is, and it breaks my heart that more men don’t treat their wives, sweethearts, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, grandmothers, daughters with respect and honor. EVERYONE deserves the best that life and love have to offer. Yes, men do too. It’s just that right now I’m on a female jag.

Years ago, I was acquainted with a beautiful, intelligent young woman who was experiencing a bit of annoyance with her husband. Seems that after she would wash and fold the clothes, she’d put the linens and her clothes away but would leave his on the foot of the bed, not because she was averse to putting them in his drawers but because he was a little picky about what went where. Anyway, the annoyance came in because if bedtime came and his clothes were still on the bed, he’d slide in under the covers, thus knocking this freshly laundered and neatly folded undies on the floor. When she sweetly and demurely mentioned this to him, he replied that it was her job to do something with the clothes. His rationale was that since he made 70% of the income and she made 30%, then she should do 70% of all household duties.  I tried (unsuccessfully) to convince her of her worthiness, but I’m sure I struck out.

Thank goodness my daughters know of their divine heritage and individual worth. They’re daughters of a King, and they know it. Sure, we all forget from time to time as we get wrapped up in the craziness of life and relationships, but the bottom line that EVERYONE DESERVES THE BEST THAT LOVE AND LIFE HAVE TO OFFER. That 70/30 rule is for the birds.

Back to Carrie, she’s a co-creator of life itself. SOON, the baby nestled beneath her heart will be in her arms. She deserves respect, honor, preferential treatment, love, casseroles, kisses, and prayers from Rich and the children and any and everyone else within her sphere.  


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

5 thoughts on “The Best”

  1. Enjoyed your testimony today. Keep us posted on your new little one to come!

    Thanks. It's not easier once you get to the front, but at least after you get there, you realize that you have to follow through.

  2. Wow what a neat blog. It kind of gave me goosebumps. I need to remember more often who I am. Carrie will be busy with four little ones but what a joy they are in life.

    I think we all need to remember that. It's so easy to get caught up being busy, busy, busy with our many obligations and responsibilities that our "real self" gets submerged.

  3. You bore your testimony and I missed it…that is what I get for being a slacker! I had the children and no church clothes for them…Michelle forgot to send some and I kept thinking I would buy something while I was at Walmart…Walmart had nothing. I did see Mrs. Crolley and she was telling me she was enjoying my blog…gasp!!! What must she think of the pole dance party!?

    I missed you, and no you're not a slacker! I put my testimony on the Eve's Sisters blog...can't quite figure out how to use that blog effectively.
    I can just see you and the kids shopping at Wallie World and running into Mrs. C. About the pole dancing, she probably got a kick out of it. She takes line dancing and enjoys music and movement.

  4. “His rationale was that since he made 70% of the income and she made 30%, then she should do 70% of all household duties. ”


    I’m so offended I could spit.

    Me too! I felt physically sick when she told me about this. This particular young woman was extraordinary in so many, many ways, and she just couldn't see it. Many women can't...or don't. How can we make them realize their self worth?

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