Obama and Warren

One of the neat features of wordpress is the easy access to blogs on topics ranging from love to travel to politics and everything in-between. This morning, in curiosity, I clicked on one that included posts to CNN’s article about Rick Warren giving the prayer at the upcoming presidential inauguration. It seems that all sorts of people are upset by Obama’s choice, especially gay rights groups. I quickly skimmed dozens of the posts and was appalled at the vindictive, spiteful, intolerant attitude of many of the bloggers. Just when I was getting ready to post a little something of my own, I saw that the blog had been closed to further posts…and I could well understand why. When writers are so vile (even vulgar) with their comments, it detracts from the credibility of what they have to say and taints the “aura” of the entire blog.

That said, there are a couple of comments that I just have to make. First, President-Elect Obama is, in my humble, naïve opinion, a man for the people, by the people, and of the people. Several bloggers mentioned that he’s African American. Perhaps so, but he’s also Euro-American…biracial, in fact.  He’s OUR next American president. Fortunately for us, he’s an extremely intelligent man who doesn’t have to rely on the opinions of his detractors.

About the choice of Warren, is there a man (or woman) alive today who would please everyone? Any Christian would probably disturb the Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, and atheists. The fact is that Warren has written one of the best-selling books in the world and is pushing to fight poverty and illiteracy through his PEACE coalition. What have you done? What are you doing to make the world a better place?

One more thing. Aren’t there more pressing problems in the United States to be concerned about? Problems like war, unemployment, a scary financial situation, Seniors’ medical benefits being cut, poverty, and homelessness plague our great country. People are vexed over who’s saying a prayer to the Almighty while gangs roam the streets and people are losing their jobs by the hour????

Bottom line. Obama’s the next president, and it’s his party. Take a chill pill and call me in the morning. Better yet, don’t call. Just chill.


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

10 thoughts on “Obama and Warren”

  1. There is a definite “stick to the party line” vibe that people are putting out there. I understand, due to Prop 8, that many gay rights activists are sensitive – but people need to understand that they don’t ‘own’ Obama.

    I was actually rather proud that he chose Rick Warren. Some of his other posting choices have been pretty inspired as well. He did say ‘change in Washington’ and it sure looks like he means it.

    Hayden, you're so right. No one "owns" him, and yet everyone seems to be telling him what he should or should not do as if he's a possession.

  2. I was glad he chose Warren. I’m starting to like Obama although I’m still holding final judgment until post-inauguration and post-first crisis, but I really like his attitude on certain selections.

    I don’t understand how Warren is an insult to any one group. I don’t understand how his selection makes Obame anti-gay or anything at all. But what I don’t understand the most is that this same group constantly and consistently calls “intolerance” at the drop of a hat while, in large measure, proving through their actions to be far more intolerant than any other group.

    Speaking of intolerance, I was really impressed to see President Monson’s talk in last April’s Priesthood session specifically state that the cry of intolerance is often one of the initial steps that Satan uses to make that which is reprehensible in God’s eyes acceptable in man’s. Harsh words for an often vocal and critical minority.

  3. had a minute on christmas day so why not respond to one of my favorite people, first of all i know for a fact that you were not initially for obama so to hear your words gives me hope..i just want to have all the avialable monies goe to some country or person who appreciates it and big o can do that as well as mccain ciould have done it loves the putz

    1. Putz, I’m coming around. I don’t know whether I mentioned this or not, but I once read that Billy Graham said that he believed that whoever was President was the man God intended to be in the White House, and if I keep that in mind, then I feel more confident.

  4. I just hope that while Reverend Rick Warren says THE prayer on January 19th, we will all say A prayer on January 19th. Our nation, and especially Obama, needs God’s help right now.

    Really, I don’t get it. The homosexual community isn’t listening to God, they’re mad at those who do listen to God, so why do they care who God is listening to, or who is speaking to God for the someone who purports to listen?

  5. Wow. . . I could feel you finally exhale at the end of this post! Hope the holidays are going well for ya. . . and glad to see that you’re still writing provocative and truthful articles.

    As always,

    Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

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