What’s Ahead?

Hmmm. I didn’t know the pictures were going to be so small on the preceding post, so I’m going to post another one of the young people by themselves.  I can well remember being 20, and it’s truly mind boggling to think about the changes that have come about since then…and I’m not referring to the physical ones but rather to the social/emotional ones. When I was Sarah Beth’s age, I had both parents, three grandparents, three siblings, cool friends, and a boyfriend. Today, my parents and grandparents have gone on to a more heavenly habitation, and my cool friends and boyfriend of that era are busily living their lives elsewhere.  But get this: Most of the people I now love dearly were not in my life then. In fact, most of them were not even in existence, at least not on this earthly plane.  To sum it up, nearly everyone I loved then is gone, and almost everyone I love now wasn’t even thought of yet, including these three college students. Makes me wonder who else is out there…not only for yours truly but also for these three 20-somethings who are just beginning adulthood.


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

6 thoughts on “What’s Ahead?”

  1. nope…i can’t really remember when i was 20….n0pe i really can’t remember when i was 40…i think i can remember when i was 60……i have a grand daughter graduting from high schookl in 2009….i bet you marla jayne do not have a grand aughter graduating in 2009 from high school/???

    Barl, You THINK you can remember being 60? I'm sure it wasn't that long ago.

  2. I wasn’t in Chris’s life when he was 20, so I COMPLETELY agree with this post. 🙂

    Just imagine your life in ten more years! Isn't it mind boggling to think that you and he will probably have some little people in your lives that you haven't even met yet?

  3. My twenties are a blur. My life style was such that most of my former friends are either dead, in prison or are missing in action.

    I think friends are much like taste buds, every several years they just change.

    Right now I think that grand kids are the best friends.

    I'm kinda partial to my grandkids too! About you and your former friends, I bet at at the time you thought 30 was OLD and that you'd live forever. Grandchildren...wow, that was unthinkable.

  4. Yes. Wow. And I’m still at that transition period, right now… some of my old friends are slowly falling off the radar. And I’m slowly building my own family, making “grown up” friends…

    though I hope facebook might be able to mitigate the “losing old friends” thing, just a little. Lol.

    Sarah, I'm a lot older (a grandmother) than you are, and I'm STILL at a transition period. I find myself wondering, "What's next?"

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