Family Day

Where have the days gone??? I just checked this blog a little while ago and noted that it’s been over a week since I’ve posted anything. True, I posted something on http://evessisters.blogspot and on, took care of a colossal amount of school work, prepared and taught a fun session  for Relief Society enrichment night, took two weekend trips, and sandwiched in a little homecaring (a.k.a. housework)  in between. Yes, I realize those are just excuses, and yet….

So I decided to post a little something tonight about the past two weekends (or at least one of them) and how those events tie in with President Monson’s address in the morning session of Conference yesterday. One of the many, many things he stressed was the importance of truly living one’s life TODAY instead of stacking up a lot of yesterdays and regrets of things undone and words unspoken.  

Last weekend I traveled to Gardner-Webb University with my brother Mike, his wife Lisa, and my sister Ann. It was Family Weekend, and my niece Sarah Beth had requested that we come for the day. When we got there, we met up with my other brother David and his wife Becky for a tour of the campus. Afterwards, we picked up their sons and ate a calorie-laden brunch at a local eatery. Sure wish I’d gotten the pecan pancakes, but at least Lisa let me sample hers. Yummy.  Later we adjourned to my nephews’ home to watch a game, eat dessert, and take pictures.  Now that you know the general rundown of the day, here are a few things I thought about afterwards.

While touring the library, I noticed they were selling hard cover books for 50 cents and just couldn’t pass up a bargain. I finally settled on one by Gloria Steinem, and Sarah Beth bought it for me. “Who’s she?” Sarah Beth asked.  “Well, it’s not sufficient to say she was instrumental in the feminist movement because she was much more than that. In fact, she cared for all people and their rights and was also involved in racial fairness.” SB gave me a glazed over sort of look, and I dropped it.

At brunch the older crowd was discussing the death of Paul Newman, and I asked my nephews if they knew who he was.  One of them was sincerely innocent in asking, “He’s some old actor, right?” Huh? Some old actor. Yes, I guess that’s one way you could describe him. What was the point of trying to convince the young students of his phenomenal talent, his philanthropic enterprises, and his long and faithful marriage to Joanne Woodward? I just had to tell them one little tidbit, however, and it seemed to impress them. Once when asked why he was never unfaithful, he quipped (paraphrase), “Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home?” Gotta love that!

 It seemed incredulous to me that these young people weren’t that familiar with these two famous (at one time anyway) people. I was reminded of the truth of the quote, “Fame is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.”  Follow your dreams, be all you can be, hitch your wagon to a star, and so forth, but don’t become prideful about it.  In 20 years, the young set won’t even know who you were.  (In one of my classes the other day, someone asked who the Beatles were).

Another quote that sprang to mind throughout the day was, “We may never pass this way together again.” I read that one on a cross-stitch sampler at Young Women’s camp one year and have never forgotten it.  It’s pretty doubtful that the exact same group of us will be at GWU again. Sure, we may go for graduations, but as far as all of us being there at the same time, I doubt it. My nephews will graduate in December, and their parents will sell the house. SB will graduate in May and move elsewhere.  The nine of us who shared that special Saturday in late September will always have the memories even if we never pass that way together again. It took effort to get up early, go the distance, and come back late that same evening, but we’re all glad that we did. As President Monson said, when we keep saying “tomorrow” without acting on it, we end up with a lot of yesterdays.

Things take time. Take the time.


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

4 thoughts on “Family Day”

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  2. I never knew Paul Newman as an actor, but I fell in love with him when we started getting bottles of his salad dressing. I would always read the back and get warm fuzzies and thank God that there were people out there who weren’t out for all they could take.

    I read in our local newspaper yesterday that he contributed over 250 million dollars to charitable causes. Isn't that amazing? We could use more of that from Tinseltown.

  3. “We may never pass this way again” these are also song lyrics by Seals and Crofts. We never know what in store for “tomorrow”, for many tomorrow never comes…Spencer W. Kimball always said “JUST DO IT”

    It's especially hardhitting when you think "pass this way TOGETHER again." There will be occasions when I'm with different family member, but being with those specific ones in that particular location...I doubt it. Just like when we got our tattoos and ate lunch afterwards. What are the chances that we'll (the seven of us) ever meet and eat at that restaurant again? Slim, I think, so I'm glad we did it that day.

  4. i have got to pay some tribute to my wife….she is an educator..REALLY PAREaeDUCATOR, but does the teacher thing so well just doesn’t get as much pay}…she takes care of her eighty 6 year old mother, she tries to cook, clean ,phone grandkids nighty, travels to see them on weekends, i say try because she dosen’t feel well to cook most nights…i chip in..she weeds her flowers , gardens, and falls asleeping reading something uplifting every night

    I love reading positive post written by doting husbands.

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