Discovering Augusta

I wonder if it’s as steamy in Augusta today as it was Friday. It was one of the last Fridays I’ll get to enjoy being off for a few weeks, and I couldn’t let the hours slip away doing the usual things like homecaring (sounds better than housework), shopping, running errands, grading assignments, and so forth.


DH had already made plans to play golf with some buddies, so the day was mine…eight hours to do exactly whatever I wished and whereever I wished to do it. After a little internet work so assuage my workaholic conscience, I headed to a local beauty shop where a friend of mine was having a book signing. Her name is Clara Vincent, and she’s 79 years young. I LOVE IT! She’s an inspirational lady, and the name of her book is Faces I Remember. Check it out at or I enjoyed chatting with her and leaving with my own autographed copy of her book. Sure hope I’ll still be writing and having booksignings at 79.


As an aside, many years ago Clara told her daughter Kathy, also a friend of mine, something that I’ve always remembered. It’s a simple statement that sums up love, giving, sacrifice, and all the other good things associated with mothers. (Sure hope Hayden is reading this.) “As long as I have a biscuit, you’ve got half.” I liked it so much that I’ve stressed it with my own children and husband.


I then headed out for Augusta, a city only a little over 100 miles from where I live, and yet I’ve never visited it. On my to-do list is the commitment to visit at least one new town per month. “Why do you want to go there?” my sweet husband asked. “There’s nothing in Augusta except some golf courses.” What can I say? He’s a guy.  I had fun just browsing in the different antique shops and ended up buying some small juice glasses decorated with yellow palm trees. How unique is that? Have you ever seen any? I didn’t think so.


I also found an old framed botanical print of May that looks perfect in my foyer; it serves as a reminder of our May wedding several years ago and the vows we made. In that interesting shop, I also conversed with a lady who’s never turned on a computer; nor has she used the GPS in her Lexus. My assurances that if I could learn, she could learn fell on deaf ears. Leaving with my May print, I sauntered out to find a quick lunch. Choices, choices. I ended up dining at the Blue Moon Café and then walked over for a quick look at the River Walk before heading for the Augusta Mall. I wanted to walk around it, but the blazing sun and excessive heat shouted, “No Way!” Maybe next time.


Using my trusty GPS, I drove out to the mall and passed some interesting and scenic places including the Medical University of Georgia, the Veteran’s Hospital, and some lovely tree-lined neighborhoods.  The mall looked inviting, but since time was short, I opted to go in TJ Maxx instead and came out with a few goodies, prizes for my new contest on the website. Puh-leez check it out at and participate in the contest that ends on August 15. It’ll be fun for you and me. You get to reflect on the topic and write about it, and I get to read your entry.


Shopping complete, I punched “Home” on the GPS and headed east. Sure wish the lady in the antique store and all others who don’t have or use such a marvelous piece of technology will consider getting one. We love Jill, the name of our direction giver. Home at last, DH and I watched The Kite Runner. It was enjoyable but unsettling. We’re so fortunate to be living in the United States (understatement)!


Sometimes it’s easier to take the path of least resistance and stay in your own safe but narrow environment, but we all need to venture out and see what’s out there. Because of that decision, Friday I got to “rub shoulders” with a new author, meet someone who’s never used the internet or a GPS, walk the streets of a beautiful city with a great downtown parking arrangement, see sights I’d never seen, buy some unique juice glasses, and get the feel of Augusta.


Hmmm. Wonder what’s next. Suggestions anyone?


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

5 thoughts on “Discovering Augusta”

  1. Thanks Jayne for your email and your blog. I love to read your stories. It was nice for you to tell everyone about Mama’s Book “Faces I Remember”.
    She has always told me, “As long as I have a biscuit, you’ve got half.” What comfort she has been for me. She is now 79 and I am so greatful to have her as my Mother.


  2. Great post. I was planning a little getaway for me, myself and I so this reinforces my idea. I’m not sure where I am going but I am going…
    Landrum, SC is a wonderful town! Quaint, Green, Antique Stores, tea rooms etc. I love it!

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