Jeanita and Joan Ella

There’s so much I could write about! Truly, my mind is filled with topics and ideas, and if only I didn’t have to work every day and take care of a myriad of other daily living issues I’d be freer to write about them all. I keep thinking that one day when I retire, I’m going to live an ideal existence in which I divide my time between reading, writing, visiting my grandchildren, and watching Law and Order. Until that time, I’ll continue posting a little bit now and then and working on my other “projects” as time allows.

This afternoon the most important thing I have on my mind is the importance of friends. I came to this area about six years ago after living on the coast of SC for 28 years, and I DID NOT want to leave the shore. I absolutely loved everything about it from the roar of the ocean and the sea birds to the tourists (yes, even them) and the tacky beachwear stores.  Still, when the time came for me to leave, I did and am trying not to be like Lot’s wife.  

During the last week, I’ve realized just how many people I’ve met who have enriched my life greatly. The first moment of awareness came when the Relief Society president in our ward sent an email to the women in our church who had email addresses, and I was astounded at the number of names that I recognized, names that meant nothing to me six years ago. Now I know names, faces, quirks, talents, decorating styles, and dreams of most of them. Some I know more intimately and we share ideas, concerns, encouragement, and support. Connie and I are going for a walk tonight, and I’m so looking forward to hearing all about the recent retreat she attended.

I belong to two book clubs, one church related and the other work related, and through those associations, I’ve gotten to know people from all walks of life on different levels. Then there are my work mates, my colleagues like Martha, Lisa, Carol, Jim, Mark, and Myles and too many others to list. Six years ago I was whining about leaving Ella and June; now I still have them AND all these other wonderful people. Recently, my son got married in Myrtle Beach, thus giving me the opportunity to see the faces of these dear friends of yesteryear.

Speaking of treasured friends from the past, last week a chum from childhood lost her father, and as Jeanita and Joan Ella and I got together to discuss our lives, families, and careers, it was as if we had just seen each other the week before.  We realized once again the importance of “relationship maintenance” and are planning a November trip to NYC. November 20, right Ladies? Lest I forget, I’ve met dozens of blogging buddies from all over the United States (and maybe other countries), and all have added flavor and zest to my life. Hayden rocks!  And how can I forget the hundreds (thousands) of students I’ve met in the past six years?

All of this makes me wonder how many more people out there are potential friends. I’ve heard that there are no uninteresting people, just uninterested ones, and I think that’s true.


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

5 thoughts on “Jeanita and Joan Ella”

  1. writing has become a high priority since my retirement, and it is amazing to me how a wealth of ideas flow to me, as joseph smith said it should and that if we practice we get better at it and it becomes revelations to us…so blogging can open us up to personal revelation

  2. It is an honor to be your friend and thanks for encouraging me in everything! I too look forward to this walk and many more. Hey, no fair going to NYC without me…I am jealous 🙂 I agree there are so many interesting people in the world and they are not strangers they are friends we haven’t met yet!

  3. Barlow, I can’t wait to join your ranks! Right now I’m trying to sandwich a few minutes of blogging in with my other responsibilities and often feel frustrated.

    Connie, Pack your suitcase. You’re invited and would add lots to our fun. Jeanita and Joan Ella are some of those friends you haven’t met yet.

    Hayden, I’ve lived a long time. I hope to live a lot longer too!

  4. So now my kids are familiar with the regulars that come to our feeder, and we’re trying to learn the calls as well. They’re learning how the female birds many times have different coloring than the males, and that it doesn’t mean they’ve seen two separate kinds. The site also shows what your bird’s conservation status is, its migratory patterns,  lets you listen to its call, and offers links to the pages of other birds that look (or sound) similar. It’s a resource rich in information that for our family, has been instrumental in helping us learn about the wealth of beauty that’s in our own backyard.

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