Homecoming Ritual

My daughter has done this to me before, so turn about’s fair play, right? If there’s anything more wonderful than having children and grandchildren for which to be grateful, it’s having a son-in-law who “hangs the moon” in my opinion and in the opinion of his wife and children. Making this blessing even sweeter is the knowledge that my daughter knows and appreciates what a super person he is.


That said, here’s something I cut and pasted from her blog. “I must say that my husband is a fantastic father, and his children absolutely adore him! Every afternoon at around 5 the garage door opens, and the world stops, at least in our home it does. The screams reverberate off the walls, “DADDY IS HOME!” Toys are thrown to the side, games forgotten, and books left on the floor, as 3 children run and crawl to get to their precious daddy. Nothing speaks louder than pictures, and here are a few I took yesterday of our daily ritual of racing to get to Daddy. Sad I know, poor little Emma wants attention so bad. Don’t worry though, Rich has plenty of love to go around; she was quickly swept up in his arms with the other two hoodlums.”


In my opinion, nothing is more important than LOVE in raising children. What a wonderful world it would be if all of God’s children could have this treatment.



Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

9 thoughts on “Homecoming Ritual”

  1. Yes, I have tears…good ones! As an aside I saw a sign for Carrie at Steinmart…Cutie Patootie…if my hands weren’t already full I probably would have bought it!

  2. You really need to stop doing this to us Marlajayne. . . you know everyone who comes to your site are super-sensitive. Some of have jobs – some us must maintain a tough executive look – hard to do with a tear running down and a frog in the throat. First it was the wedding, then it was mamma bird, I felt as if I knew your mom, now THIS! And, I still have to catch up on a few posts of yours – I’ll have to start reading your stuff in the privacy of my home ONLY. It really is a plesant change from the normal hustle and bustle. Love Ya! You’re the greatest! Thanks for sharing!

    Peace, Light and Love,

  3. you are so appreciative of life, kids, love that it is so contagious….it just bubbles out of you, doesen’t it?????i can almost taste, feel, see all that you describe…i try on putz to do the same, but/??????i was tagged though and tried to explain 5 very important events, quirks on my blog

  4. hooray for good daddies. It makes such a difference with kids, particularly girl-kids, I think. Emma’s a lucky little girl. My Emma is also a lucky little girl… and that “daddy’s home” scream isn’t a daily ritual yet in our family, but fast becoming so. A moment to treasure.

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