Big Day

Today was a day to remember, one that I’m sure will stay in my memory bank even when dementia begins to dim my recollections. I met Paul, Amanda, and over a dozen of Amanda’s family members at the temple this morning where we spent a couple of peaceful, spiritual hours. Even the walk up to the front door was special as  I noted the  little purple and yellow pansies with their pretty little faces. Inside the door, Paul’s face was the first one I spied, and the significance of the  day’s events and his upcoming marriage filled my heart with joy and a sweet, sweet peace. They say (whoever “they” are) that the heart is really an organ that feels, and I’d like to ditto that.  Thinking had nothing to do with the overall feelings of my full heart today.

After leaving the temple, we all went to Applebee’s to celebrate lots of things including the upcoming wedding, Amanda’s father’s birthday, and my retirement and subsequent rehiring. Amanda’s grandmother was there, all aglow at having her children, grandchildren, and a great grandchild with her. What made this shared time so nice was that I experienced firsthand some of the dynamics of the family that my son will be a part of for the rest of his life. I love knowing that he’s going to have brothers…and that he will have in-laws who are so welcoming and caring and “good.”

After our late lunch, we came back to my house where the soon-to-be-married couple picked up some furniture to be used in their apartment. Amanda’s dad, one of her brothers, and DH helped Paul load everything while we womenfolk gave advice (mostly ignored). Then they were off, the green leather sofa strapped to the back of Paul’s father’s truck and the table and chairs in the back of Amanda’s father’s truck.  Can’t wait to see everything set up in the newlywed’s official residence in two weeks.


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

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