Lunchtime Lesson

One day this week I walked in the lounge area at work and spied a young woman typing fast and furiously on her laptop. I’d seen her in there a couple of times but had been reluctant to interrupt her. On this particular day, however, I did. 

“Are you writing a paper?” I asked.

“Actually,” she responded, “It’s a novel.”

“How exciting!” I exclaimed. “Tell me about it.”

She told me a little about her work and then added that she had been a avid blogger until she realized that it was keeping her away from the novel. Since that realization, she’d worked steadily on her novel (I’m tempted to tell you the catchy  title, but I better get her permission first). 

Anyway, I was listening to her and thinking that I wished the chicken bog (you Western readers might have to look that one up) would hurry and get warmed up so that I could take it back to my office and nibble at it while blogging. At that exact moment, however, I decided that the blogging obsession needed a recess. If this young woman could diligently use her lunch hour to write, then I could too.  I then took my delectable lunch to my office, shut the door,  and churned out five pages of a “project” that I’ve had in mind for months.

All that to say that while I LOVE blogging, it’s quite time consuming, and it takes me away from some personal projects that I need to move ahead with. I am still going to read your blogs daily and will write one every few days, but I MUST focus on other writing.

Thank you, Young Woman with the Long Dark Hair. Your advice turned on the switch that ended my procrastination. Just as soon as I check out a few of my blogging buddies latest posts, I’m going to….


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

11 thoughts on “Lunchtime Lesson”

  1. Nice post, great lesson! Balance is important in all aspects of our lives. Rather than scale back my blogging, my aim is to be more selective in my blogging. I am spreading out throughout the blogsphere to find quality blogs around the world. Not only is it educational and informative for me, it is a way of counteracting misinformation and informing the world about our land and our people.

  2. That’s one of the reasons I changed the focus of my writing.

    I used to have a LiveJournal account where I would talk about what I did and how I spent my day. I realized that I was starting to spend more time doing the LiveJournal than anything else.

    I have decided to use blogging to further my passion, and it is more amazing than I thought it could be.

    I definitely understand putting a personal blog on hiatus. Even the ‘big’ bloggers, like Zen Habits, started getting guest writers so their blogging didn’t suck away all of their time.

  3. Well, it took a stranger to get you going on that book. Friend that I am, I won’t remind you that your brother, me and many others have been “after” you to start your “project” (LOL)
    I am SO excited for you, will I get morsels from the new project? or do I have to wait as do the masses?

  4. Leafless, You’re right; it is fun…and quite addictive. I can’t think of another forum in which you can read and learn so many different things AND respond if you want to…or simply write something of your own that’s been on your mind.

  5. Janet, Great idea. I’m pretty selective, but I hadn’t considered (until reading your post) seeking out blogs from around the world in order to learn AND to inform others about our land, people, and beliefs.

  6. Hayden, Inquiring minds want to know more about how you’re using your blog to further your passion. Does it have to do with the series I’ve been reading about successful work habits and tips?

    Did you get my email about adding you to my blogroll?

  7. Hayden, Inquiring minds want to know more about how you’re using your blog to further your passion. Does it have to do with the series I’ve been reading about successful work habits and tips?

    Did you get my email about adding you to my blogroll?

  8. No, I didn’t. 😦 (My email is

    Well, my passion is not helping people but rather helping people help themselves. Setting up better solutions to accomplish your dreams; that kind of thing.

    That’s why my blog can be all over the map. There are so many things that can be done better to help us live in with passion, stay in love with our spouses, and accomplish our dreams.

  9. In a way we’re kindred spirits because that’s what I want to do too: help people help themselves to live better and more effective lives. Sometimes people are too afraid to leave their comfort zone while others are ready and willing, but they don’t have the resources or information to know where to start.

    I feel that my blog is all over the map too, but hey, these are the things I’m thinking about.

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