Romney Rebounds; Huckabee Reacts

So far, I’ve refrained from posting any opinions or beliefs about the Presidential candidates. Even when Huckabee’s “innocent” question about whether Mormons believed that Christ and Satan were brothers was posed AFTER the interview was completed, I remained quiet. Even when I read later descriptions of him as “smarmy” for asking the question in such a deliberately contrived way so as to appear actually concerned, I held back. Later still, I read that the reason Huckabee didn’t know the answer to that question and many others is because he left seminary after one year, and I still refused to comment.  One year of seminary. Amazing, especially when I consider that I know numbers of people who are voting for him, not because he’s the best candidate for the job, but because he’s an ordained Baptist minister…after one year of seminary.  

So why am I writing about him now? Because earlier today I read that he called Romney a dishonest politician. Hello! Has anyone out there heard about the folly of throwing stones and living in glass houses? Huckabee conceded that he may have been hurt by Romney’s ads and mailings criticizing his record as governor of Arkansas and then suggested that voters could not trust a person who had been so dishonest in his attempts to get the job (as President).  The truth is that Romney has rebounded in Iowa, and Huckabee, now that he has come under greater scrutiny, has slipped.

 Do we vote for a person because of gender, race, or religion…or even looks? Do we NOT vote for someone for those very reasons? In the words of Billy Mitchum whose letter was published in today’s The State newspaper, “Let me have a person who can lead our foreign policy, economic policy, immigration policy, energy policy, and all other policies, while dealing effectively with a Congress more interested in its petty political agendas than in the needs of our country. For my part, I will vote for the person I consider to be a leader, and leave questions of faith and religion to the one who will finally judge us all.”

Here, Here, Mr. Mitchell. I’m with you.


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

3 thoughts on “Romney Rebounds; Huckabee Reacts”

  1. I guess there are those that would fall for Huckabee’s seemingly “innocent” questions etc. He kinda turns my stomach!
    I think Romney has handled himself very well despite any criticism.
    I too have refrained from making comments on the whole political arena…voting should be based on the person most qualified to run our country but alas people are fickle. Just think we get to hear this until November!

  2. I’m more interested in this election than I have in many of the past ones, and I’ve been trying to figure out why. I think the war has something to do with it…as does the health care issue. Oh, and let’s don’t forget immigration, taxes, and so forth. It really bothers me immensely that some CEOs make on January 1what their employees make all year. Is that right? Not the the president can make everything “okay,” but I feel that with Romney what you see is what you get AND that he has what it takes to lead our country.

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