Mary and Martha

A fellow blogger reminded me of the underlying implications and meanings of Bible stories. It’s actually pretty fascinating to consider, and his comments have me thinking about the many characters in the scriptures that I can easily  identify with.

For starters, there’s Lot’s wife. I think about her quite a bit because just as she looked back to Sodom even after being warned against it, I find myself looking back nostalgically at my years on the coast. I miss everything about it: the roar of the surf, the ocean itself, the sea birds, the shells, the sand dunes…everything. Even though I lived and worked about 15 miles from the beach itself, I could “feel” it. Oops, here I go again being Lot’s wife. How can I go forward if I spend too much time looking back?

Then there are Mary and Martha. Some days I have a little too much Mary in me, and the dishes and laundry pile up while I read something inspirational or ponder the mysteries of life. Other days I get so involved in going and doing and getting and spending that I have little time to squeeze in more than a brief devotional or short scripture. Those are my Martha days.

Sometimes when I think about my adult children living their lives in separate cities, I think about Jochabed putting her son in a basket and sending him out into the crocodile infested waters. There aren’t any crocs where they live, but they’re surrounded by evil and temptation on all sides.

 Do you have a favorite character from the scriptures that you can identify with?    


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

2 thoughts on “Mary and Martha”

  1. I am too frequently “cumbered about” Spend way too much time being “Martha” and not enough being “Mary” Some days it is difficult to achieve balance. Thanks for the reminder. I would like to be strong like Esther, willing to sacrifice as Mary, patient like

  2. Ditto to your choices. Esther seems especially appealing since she was both beautiful AND brave. Some women that I admire but probably couldn’t be like are Ruth, the woman in Proverbs, and Hannah.

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