P.S. to Prodigal’s Brother

Yesterday I wrote a little something about the prodigal son’s older brother and how he got so angry and resentful when his wayward brother came home to be wined and dined while he, faithful and dutiful, got nothing. While I’d like to think that he got half a fatted calf at some point during his years of conscientious service, I’m not so sure it happened. Still, he had lots of good stuff going on…just like we do.

If we, like the older son, start thinking about how much others have or how favorably fortune seems to shine on them compared to us, we could really begin to feel a bit perturbed just as he did. However, when it comes down to it, we’re pretty fortunate with or without a fatted calf, fancy robe, and big celebrations. I can hear, see, smell, touch, taste a plethora of delightful things. This morning birds were singing, leaves were changing color, and the temperature was in the 70’s (20 degrees lower than a couple of weeks ago). I chatted with some cool people, savored an ice cream cone from Chick fil-A, and listened to some soul-stirring music.

Yes, there’s a lot to be sad and mad and scared about, but there’s a lot to be glad about too. I hope I can remember that the next time I feel myself getting a little resentful or feeling left out. My Father’s been pretty good to me. How about you?


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

14 thoughts on “P.S. to Prodigal’s Brother”

  1. You are so right! “Count your blessings, name them one by one” as the old hymn goes. Good point! I love it when we take time to think about more than the obvious biblically.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It’s kind of funny in a way that we (me included!) might look at a Bible story or passage and think something negative or condemning about the person when actually we’ve been guilty of the same thing! For instance, once in a while I’ll long in nostalgic way for the beach and everything it involves: the surf, the tides, the sea birds, the air, the sounds of the ocean, the sand dunes, and so forth. But then I look at Lot’s wife and think of how sad it is that she insisted in looking back instead of going forward with her life. I’m just like her in that I’m looking back at my old life.

    Is there a link to your blog?

  3. Hi marlajayne…what a pretty name…I replied earlier but it hasn’t shown up so I’ll try again. I was saying how much I love the beach & ocean, too, and that we found a gorgeous beach in SC this past July that was not crowded.
    I thought about you earlier today while studying and looking for a certain scripture. I ran across the story of the prodigal while looking for the story about the Pharisee and the publican going to the temple to pray…Luke 18:10. Ironically, it regards being satisfied that “we’re not as bad as so&so”… Anyway, I’m at
    Come on over! I just got started a week or so ago, though!
    In His Love.

  4. I didn’t see a post about the beach and ocean because I woud have surely remembered it. My mind latches right onto those words and that type of imagery! Where was the beach in SC that you visited? Don’t worry; I promise not to overcrowd it. It’s just that since I live in the Palmetto state, I might like to check it out.

    For not, I’m going to check out your site.

  5. We went to Litchfield, around Myrtle, Georgetown, etc. We rented a condo for 5 days.4 nights and had a blast! The only day it was semi- crowded was July 4th, the evening of fireworks. The condo had 4 BR, 3 bath, full kitchen (w/dishwasher, dishes, micro,etc.) ,TVs in all rooms incl LR, 2 balconies, W/Dryer and maid service! We got it for less than $800.00, split 4 ways (family). If I recall the link correctly, it’s http://www.litchfieldbeach.com but I forgot which link to click on for the “deals”. No doubt you’ll figure it out!! ;-)) Well woth going back and it’s about a 4 hour drive for us. btw, a restaurant I highly recommend for quality and price–The Springhouse Family Restaurant. Excellent breakfast & lunch but the one as you’re going in to Murrells’s Inlet is not open for supper. (they also have a website with their name).
    Can you tell I had a good time?!?

  6. Reading this was like taking a stroll down Memory Lane since the Myrtle Beach area was my home for 28 years. I can well understand why you had such a good time there; the south end of the Strand is (to me) a little quieter and not so touristy.

    One of these days I plan to buy a small bungalow or condo or shack in the area and am currently considering the condos at what used to be the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base.

  7. Maybe we’ll be neighbors!! Bungalow, condo or shack?? In that order?? LOL Just teasing you…just a matter of getting there, huh? Did not know about condos at AF base…good to know. That was the most I have enjoyed a trip in a long time. Since you spent 28 years there, I will consult you before returning! (btw, I live near Augusta.)
    Met a few retirees at the beach house and they said when summer fades, it’s most enjoyable. I love people, I just get edgy in crowds…my post about O.J. will clarify somewhat why I have “issues” there…
    Am trying to figure out how to make my name click to blog so you can find it easier. Saw the answer one day and clicked away cuz I was looking for something else…Anyway, http://wordforit.wordpress.com for now…
    You’re in my prayers, marlajayne, and your blog brings a sense of comfort.

  8. My blog brings a sense of comfort?? I was thinking the same thing about yours. Many, many, many (you get the point) blogs are “religious,” but they really aren’t. They lack the “spirit” of Christ, and instead the writers seem to criticize each other or pontificate about their knowledge in a know-it-all sort of way. Please stop me if I ever go that direction. All I know for sure is that God lives, that we are His children (all of us), and that He loves us.

    Yes, you can count on it. I WILL have some sort of abode there by the shore in the not too far distant future.

    I hope you figure out the link thing. Someone I work with did it for me. Now I’m trying to figure out how to put archives in a list on the right side.

  9. Think I got the link thing done…go in to profile and put blog addrees where it asks for web address…I Hope!! We’ll know by this post! :-)) I thought that box was for a website and I need to update mine before I invite anyone else!!
    On the archiving, I’m pretty sure you click on “Presentation” in your dashborad, then click on “Widgets”. That’s where the “tags” (categories), etc. are, and pretty sure about “archives” being a widget…I can only get dial-up right now…no cable, no DSL where I live..and it’s insane trying to get things done! I will go check and if I misspoke, will come back and humbly say so! 😉
    Hope you are having a Blessed day!
    Oh, I found this when I was looking for an online Bible dictionary… http://www.ccel.org/
    The Spurgeon’s Meditations are great devotionals!

  10. Thanks for the information. I’m going to try it in a few minutes. And thanks also for the link to the devotionals. There’s so much good stuff out there that reading it is interfering with my job!

    Did you change the name of your blog?

  11. I thought immediately of you when I saw a definition of “prodigal” as “lavish, wasteful”…I always assumed it meant something like wandering or lost! 😉
    I also have in the back of my mind your question about where his mother was…no idea, but will report as soon as if & when I see something!! Don’t recall ever hearing anything but an interesting question.
    Does the commercial, “Where is your mother?” come to mind? 🙂

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t know what prodigal meant! I also thought it meant that the son had gone astray or was lost. Now that I know what it means, it helps me to better identify with the prodigal and realize that even though we’ve been wasteful with our talents or time or money, we can come back.

    I’ll be waiting for an update on his mother. My sister suggested that perhaps she was in the kitchen preparing the feast.

  13. Your sister could be exactly right considering how it was then (and seems to happen now). I don’t do as much cooking and such now without kids to tend, but you know how it goes when they come in! My son has come in with friends amd when I ask, “Are you hungry?” he laughss and says to them, “What’d I tell you?”. I’m glad he knows he can count on me but I feel bad when I don’t have fudge or some other favorite goodie when I don’t know he’s coming!
    I don’t have g’children yet but ever since I put my grandnieces in time out with toys, cartoons and animal crackers, he has been teasing me about not wanting his kids spoinled! I had to do all the discipline work with Tom, but have become “too soft” now! 😉 I figure the world will be hard enough, soon enough and some things are not that important.

  14. I have a book somewhere about women in the Bible, but most of them are pretty well known women like Ruth and Hannah and Mary. It’s been a while since I read it, but as I recall the gist of it was that even though women were often in the background, their stories were important. I guess that’s why I wondered about this missing mother. But you know, it just occurred to me that parables aren’t about real people with names and histories and so forth. Have you ever heard that?

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