Sunday High

My heart is full. It usually is on Sundays, at least during and shortly after church. If only I could keep the spirit of the meetings with me all week, I’d stay on a spiritual high. Alas, however, life with its myriad demands soon begins to dull my Sunday sheen. In an effort to keep the feeling alive a little longer, I decided to jot down some things I heard and observed this morning.

Sister Branham told of how she had been baptized the day before Pearl Harbor was bombed, and from that moment on, she has always contrasted the horror of that event with the joy and peace she felt upon her baptism. Even now, she contrasts her life and the sweet solace she feels because of the Gospel with the lost state of some in the world who don’t know where to find the love and blessed assurance that she has. When I sat and talked to her one-on-one for a moment this morning, it occurred to me that there are those affected by the December, 1941 bombing who are still suffering consequences…just as she is still experiencing the consequences of the decision she made 66 years ago.

The topic of prayer came up in Relief Society, and while everyone knows that we don’t always get the answer we want, it’s enlightening to learn of others’ NO experiences and how they dealt with them. Telene told of how she had had car trouble yet again and saw this as an ideal reason to get a new car. After all, the car had been repaired three times and was becoming undependable. Besides, she DESERVED a new car. However, there was one small problem: finances. She did what women of the Lord always do when they need answers; she prayed. I won’t paraphrase her whole prayer, but the gist of it was, “Lord, I really, really, really want a new car, so if it’s not the right time for me to get one, then please tell me really loud so that I’ll recognize the answer. Also, You know how hard-headed I am, so please hang in there with me until I’m ready to accept the answer.” When she turned the radio on, there was a song playing that reminded her that for every no, there’s a greater yes down the line.

Laressa taught the Relief Society lesson that was chocked full of wonderful stories and life lessons. For instance, she and her husband recently visited Guatemala where he had served a mission over 20 years ago. They needed a car to get around from place to place, and all of the available cars had stick shifts. This was a problem since her husband had never driven a car with a manual transmission. Laressa could drive the car, but she didn’t know where she was and couldn’t understand directions since she didn’t speak Spanish. They did what they’ve been doing all of their married life, worked like a team. She drove, and he asked questions.
As I listened to her story, I found myself thinking it sure was good that Boyd could speak Spanish well enough to understand and follow directions. At the same time, if Laressa hadn’t been able to drive, what good would directions be? Both skills are important.

I wish you could have been there. There were so many other great lessons about serving others, God’s love for each of us, Christ’s atoning sacrifice, and so forth that I can’t begin to share them all. While I don’t have the time to write of all the things I learned, I do have the motivation to act on them…to try a little harder to live the way my Creator would have me to llive.              


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

3 thoughts on “Sunday High”

  1. Thanks for the visit to my blog.
    Oiy! LDS??? me too. Can I add you to my blogroll?
    Some times it’s nice to have a refresher of the sunday spirit! I myself rarely make meetings anymore, and I miss it. blah blah blah. That is NO excuse…I know.

  2. Of course you can add me to your blogroll. I’m not sure what that means or how to do it, but it sounds like a good thing.It’s a little scary to think that you might be looking to me for a refresher of the Sunday spirit. Talk about pressure!

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