Catbird Seat


Martha’s a great storyteller (no wonder she’s the author of Getting Maisie Married), and last week as she described a restaurant scene about her family, she mentioned the term “catbird seat,” a phrase I haven’t thought much about. After hearing her use it in the context of her story, however, now I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’m truly sitting in the catbird seat and am happy that Martha’s linguistic skills reminded me of it. I live in the best state of the best nation on Earth. I have a great job that enables me to associate with people who are interesting and stimulating. A few of them are co-workers; others are students. As a teacher, I actually get paid for doing things that I love: reading and sharing ideas with others. I have a caring, considerate husband; three responsible, conscientious, funny, smart, good-looking children (a little maternal bias); four great step-children; three grandchildren (all adorable): four step grandchildren (also adorable); siblings that make you want to stand tall and their talented, supportive spouses; other assorted relatives who share my DNA; many in-laws; great friends from several walks of life; and currently the continued health, strength, and good sense to savor and appreciate it all.


Author: jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer

2 thoughts on “Catbird Seat”

  1. I have been in the “catbird seat” quite frequently. “Ain’t it Great”
    Love, love the picture, you look more like mom than grandma.
    Have you found the fountain of youth and you are not telling?

  2. Yes, it is great…in fact, it’s awesome. We spent a good bit of time shopping yesterday (the kind you do with three children in tow), and I got to thinking about how I’ll often be in Target or TJ Maxx, and I’ll see a mother/daughter combo and feel a little nostalgic. Now that I’ve added another dimension to the shopping experience, I’ll probably feel that way when I see mothers, daughters, and little ones.

    About the picture, it was taken with my cell phone so it’s not as clear (can’t see the wrinkles). However, I must admit that I was very happy at the moment, and the soft breeze and the pleasant temperature of the early morning added to my delight. What I’m saying is that smiles make you look better, and I had (have) lots of reason to smile.

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